Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sigh, okay. . .

All right, everyone can relax, it looks like for the time being I will continue to work at my current workplace.

I suppose I should write the whole story down; however I'm not sure if I want to, there's such pathos involved . . . including a ten-year anniversary party for the school with a bad, balding magician. Like something out of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Suffice it to say the main point of conflict involved schedules. The fact that I was walking out about my OWN schedule doesn't mean that I wasn't thinking of others, however -- kind of like Christopher Reeve with spinal column stem-cell research -- he wanted to help himself, sure, but everybody else was more than welcome to come along, too.

The other point was related to student complaints and how they are dealt with.

On their side, they said as a DOS I don't keep much in the way of records about what I'm doing or not doing, which I guess was true.

Anyway, we came to an agreement. And I'm not working on Saturday or Sunday.

Things are back to abnormal.

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steve austin 123321 said...

so does this mean there's going to be NO movie?