Monday, March 24, 2008

Return of Drunk Georgian Girl

Sitting at a cafe last Sunday with one of the guys -- got a text message from the drunk Georgian girl saying she was at a crappy old-school Mafia thug hangout down the road a piece. (Real old school -- still has leopard-skin pattern sofas.)

"Would that amuse you," I asked my colleage, "to see the girl from that story?"

He thought about it. "Yeah."

When we got there she was drunkenly sprawled in the lap of a black-sweatered bull-necked gold-chined thug. Her little blonde friend who looks like Jodie Foster from TAXI DRIVER greeted me cheerfully, however, and she was looking good. She said she'd join us as soon as possible.

She did soon, and the durnken Georgian girl came over eventually and sprawled in my lap. "Ya c'taboy?" she asked, which generally means something like "Am I going home with you?" Then she got up and went to the toilet, pulling her skirt out of her asscrack as she did so, showing the whole bar her flourescent pink thong.

The one who looked like Jodie Foster was nice enough and apoogized and suggested it wouldn't be the best idea to take her home in the condition she was in. I agreed wholeheartedly.

When she came back, she flopped down on me again and knocked over a glass, breaking it and spilling beer. My colleague said something with the word "fuck" in it -- like "That's our fucking luck" or "No big fucking deal" and they both got up and left, angry, as "fuck" was about the only word of English either of them understood.

I got the blonde who looks like Jodie Foster in TAXI DRIVER's phone number before they left, however. . .


El Gringo Vasco said...

seems like Ernest is posting again. Ernest in Iraq! This oughta' make for good readin'!

Jason said...

dude, hadn't checked into for about 6 weeks and was glad for the updates. Stay strong, dude. i can't even imagine how different your town is from SW Germany...

Special Brew Man said...

Jodie foster in taxi driver - not so attractive, and a bit too young you mean?