Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Clocked In the Snot Locker

No, that's not the result of excessive drinking -- I got punched in the nose (and mouth, and side of the head, etc) last Saturday at a nightclub.

This wasn't even at a nightclub considered one of the more dangerous ones in town, but I came out of the toilet and one of my esteemed colleagues said, "That guy is angry because English Groupie A bumped into him."

I remember going up to the guy and offering to buy him a vodka, and then fists crashing into my nose and mouth, and then picking myself dazedly up off the floor.

I'd describe what happened as a sucker punch, I suppose, although as somebody pointed out, what was he supposed to have done, announced that he was about to hit me?

Things have changed since the school yard of my youth, though, I seem to recall a lot of shoving and shouting usually prefaced the punching.

The general deterioration of good manners, right enough. . .


steve said...

Call me un-chivalrous but I don't reckon i'd apologize to some guy for something some girl i wasn't dating did.

I was on the dance floor with a random chick last year and she gives this black guy a random shove and then expected me to defend her. I just looked at the black guy and said "she ain't with me". no hassle resulted and I still got to go home with the chick.

still, maybe you can make some hay out of your bravery but judging by what you've said about russian chicks she probably went home with the guy who punched you.


You went up to a drunk and angry Russian about something that was none of your business. You kinda asked for it. He was probably going to have just cooled down if you didnt bother him. You live and learn. Sorry about that though. It sucks to take a beating.

El Gringo Vasco said...

you got knocked the fuck out!