Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Russia Winning Eurovision: Revenge of the Mullet

Excerpt from ICQ conversation:

ананаска ‎(3:26 AM):
we win.
i dont have money on phone,sorry
English Teacher X ‎(3:27 AM):
why was Dima Bilan doing it again???!! He did it last year
you can't do it twice!!
ананаска ‎(3:28 AM):
we can.
we win.
we super.
English Teacher X ‎(3:29 AM):
oh, no, wait, Dima Bilan did NOT do it last year
last year was Cerebro
Dima Bilan was the year before that
ананаска ‎(3:29 AM):
and we win.
English Teacher X ‎(3:29 AM):
Well, congratulations. . .
ананаска ‎(3:29 AM):
Oh ,im happy
ананаска ‎(3:30 AM):
Football ,xokej we win and now too...We best.
English Teacher X ‎(3:36 AM):
People wore their hair like Dima Bilan when I was thirteen years old!

If you don't know who Dima Bilan is, click the wikipedia link immediately.

He is single handedly responsible for the first reaction of foreigners coming to Russian changing from "Wow, look at all the hot chicks!!!" to "What the fuck is up with all these guys with mullets and big sunglasses??!!"


english student x said...

> Football ,xokej we win and now too...

I heard people saying that with high oil prices "we" can finally afford to buy all these things.

Jason said...

haha, don't you teach the word "the" in Russia???

english student x said...

my bad

M. le Prof d'Anglais said...

In most of Europe the Eurovision Song Contest is an embarrassing joke. It's the televisual equivalent of the awful vase your aunty gave you, which you have to have on the shelf when she visits. Who the hell could possibly be proud of winning it?

steve said...

shit fair ehnough i reckon. I remember being pumped when my country won the Krypton factor. It was like the poor mans olympic medal.

p.s. what is xokej? and what does "we win and now too" mean?

English Teacher X said...

it means "hockey"