Thursday, May 29, 2008

High Heels: A Retrospective

Things are changing fast, in a lot of ways in Russia. It's a rich country now, with loads of generic shopping malls and streets full of Toyotas. Drinking vodka on trains and in the street is illegal now; people work their 12 hours a day and go home and watch reality shows, just like everywhere else.

But so far one thing remains constant: ridiculously high heels, ALL THE TIME.

This was a girl I gave a private lesson to at the school the other day. Those are my dirty Caterpillar boots in the foreground; I snapped this surreptitiously with my phone.

This is just some random girl on the bus -- and remember -- this is NOTHING UNUSUAL. Most girls wear similar footwear.

At a shoe shop. You'd need to go to a S & M specialty boutique to find shoes like this in America.

AThen I saw this laying in the snow one night in March. The symbolism was profound. . .


El Gringo Vasco said...

was that last pic taken on Mars?

Kim Cochrane said...

Yes, Russian women and their high heels are pretty impressive. You'll be happy to know that at least by last winter Uggs and flats had finally caught on a bit ... at least in Moscow :) Of course, Russian girls still love their stilettos

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I love Russian woman, high heels. Hopefully the ridiculous flats and ugly uggs never catch on.