Sunday, June 01, 2008

T.a.t.u you

Yeah, there was a time -- hell, quite a while ago now, 2002 and 2003 -- when my kitchen on any givn Saturday night was full of drunk teenage Russian girls drinking vodka and making out with each other while we listened to Tatu.

(All those girls are like married to Turkish guys now, though.)

'Round about that time, I went back to America and was trying to tell one of my friends in America about Tatu; while Googling them, I saw they were about to release an album in English for international distribution. A couple of fake lesbian 16 year olds who sing like a couple of cats in a sack? Obviously a license to print money!

My friend thought it was the stupidest thing he'd ever seen in his life. I bet him a bottle of vodka that they'd be in heavy rotation on MTV by the end of the year -- as it happened, the video for "All The Things She Said" started playing heavily on MTV the very first week of the next year, so I lost the bet.

They quickly fizzled out, though, even in Russia -- they lost Eurovision a few years ago, failed to sell any seats at a Wembley concert, and quickly went the reality show route.

But take a look at THIS abomination.

The book upon which it is based as written by a Russian politician,


steve said...

2002, 2003, i remember them well. in my kitchen there were families of cockroaches performing midnight cabaret shows.

i wonder why they never made it big...

Jason said...

I loved Tatu in the way I love the cover of a playboy...

Dude, X, do you still like living in Russia? Is it worthwhile for you? A fellow teacher here in Germany was thinking of doing a 4-month stint in russia to improve his russian because his wife's ukrainian but he's making a pretty penny here and it's hard to give up.

English Teacher X said...

His wife is Ukrainian, thus assumably giving him an excellent daily source of free Russian lessons, and he wants to come to Russia anyway, despite making a good salary there?


steve said...


in your opinion, what are the differences between Ukrainian and Russian girls ? Any?

English Teacher X said...

Never lived in Ukraine but I hear they're pretty good. Although last report i heard was that all the sex tourists have made it a seller's market.

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Special Brew Man said...

tatu were always set to expire when they hit their 18th birthdays

hope they havent spent everything on vodka and high heels

James said...

Sure Tatu was stupid, although no dumber than Britney Spears. What really bothered me is their fake lesbian Euro trash cheese factor. I mean Britney isn't pretending, she really is a dumb slut.

And they never got into heavy rotation, they merely made the MTV show TRL's top ten list for a few weeks after being unable to crack into rotation despite having their video first aired over a year before.

Don't make me post the emails...