Friday, August 01, 2008

ICQ Conversation With A Russian Girl 20 Years My Junior Studying in Switzerland

ананаска ‎(12:43 AM):
we have here everyday sun.

English Teacher X ‎(12:43 AM):
it is sunny this week but not very warm, only about 20 - 23

ананаска ‎(12:43 AM):
24 here.

English Teacher X ‎(12:44 AM):
yeah, I remember Switzerland summer weather. . . always need a sweater

ананаска ‎(12:45 AM):
But now is good

ананаска ‎(12:50 AM):
this is very cool university.

English Teacher X ‎(12:50 AM):
yeah, I guess, many noble maidens. . .
do you actually learn any English, or just how to cook?

ананаска ‎(12:51 AM):
And english of course
All cours -english.

ананаска ‎(12:52 AM):
yes a lot of.

English Teacher X ‎(12:52 AM):
teachers from Switzerland or where?

ананаска ‎(12:53 AM):
england france

ананаска ‎(12:55 AM):
And here a lot of boys from arabia.

English Teacher X ‎(12:55 AM):
at your school?
i thought it was only for girls. . .

ананаска ‎(12:55 AM):
not in my school just girls.
ананаска ‎(12:55 AM):
but in town..

English Teacher X ‎(12:56 AM):
I miss the old days, when Switzerland was just full of Swiss people. . .

it was a simpler time then.

ананаска ‎(12:57 AM):
why you miss?
i like when a lot nationals.

English Teacher X ‎(12:57 AM):
there is no such thing as a "foreign country" anymore
every country is just full of people from every country

ананаска ‎(1:20 AM):
And this is cool.

English Teacher X ‎(1:21 AM):
cool or not, it is a fact. . .

ананаска ‎(1:25 AM):

English Teacher X ‎(1:26 AM):
the new world, 21st century. . .

ананаска ‎(1:26 AM):

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