Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Viewer Mail

I think a lot of people don't really read this shit; they just see some pictures of cleavage and think, "Whoa! English teaching looks awesome!"

Got this email the other day:

Hello englishteacherx.
You sound like a very happy guy!
Can you please give me more info about ESL:
-countries that are most suitable for a man eg in Latin America.
-whatever a man should know to have fun, do well, meet girls there etc, when he is older than you are.

My response was this:

The primary bit of advice is to have a lot of money already. The starting salary as an English teacher won't allow you much luxury, and your standard of living is likely to be low. Women aren't going to be impressed with a middle-aged guy who doesn't have a car or a house or much in the way of career prospects, even if he's a foreigner, because there are probably plenty of those around them already.

Speaking the language helps a lot. Visiting a country before you take a job there is a good idea. As for resources, I assume if you found my website, you already know about Dave's ESL Cafe www.eslcafe.com

Good luck,

The guy responded immediately with this:

Mr X,
I really appreciate your time.
wILL your forum (or another?) cover topics like "dating students(over 18), without risking looking silly, due to your job "?
I hope your happy.

I offered up the following safe advice:

ah, it happens, quite a bit actually, but again, you're back to the issue of English teachers not being very good catches -- these girls are mostly studying English because they're already rich and they travel a lot, or because they're trying to get good jobs where they can make a lot of money. The days of students slavering after their English teachers probably ended about 5 years ago, but it's still within the realm of the possible.

I think I'd suggest getting qualified and trying to get a job in America teaching immigrants, first. Those women are probably even a bit more likely to be looking for a man, as they'll be wanting to stay in America . . .

Just assuming you're American, but same is true of England.

Anyway. Check out this cleavage.

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