Friday, October 31, 2008

What You Like Do In You Free Time?

One of my goals, upon becoming Director of Studies, was to set up a good library of novels and DVDs for the use of the teachers. I've spent enough time in foreign countries wishing for some good books or films that I considered it a real priority in helping new teachers get settled.

So of course, when I tell the new teachers, "And here's our library of 100-something novels, which run the gamut from detective novels and thrillers to classics of all sorts, along with plenty of historical stuff about Russia" they generally just look at me like:

"What the hell am I supposed to do with a book?"

As for the DVDs, I'm surprised how many people come here without a laptop computer. (And then in some cases, are too shy or broke to go out and get a TV and a DVD player.)

Perhaps people thought they were coming here to get away from staring at screens in their free time. Noble sentiment, but believe me, staring at the wall isn't much better.

Especially when you've got a hangover or a bad cold or something. . .

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Rob said...

I wonder if these are DVDs from the pirate market :-)