Thursday, November 06, 2008

Karma Chamelion

Interesting little article I saw on Yahoo:

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

I spent most of the 90's travelling around Europe and Asia, and everyone, male and female alike, made adoring puppy eyes at me when I told them I was from America and deluged me with questions about the place.

I haven't, of course, done much traveling beyond Russia post 9-11, but I certainly know that after about 2003 the puppy eyes turned into sudden vicious sneers when you tell people you're American.

Saying you're Canadian is always good, as the guy says. Or somewhere nobody has heard of, like Lichtenstein. We used to say South Africa, but most Russians are too stupid to know that there are a lot of white people living in South Africa.


stevie austin said...

nup, that article link was bullshit. everytime i was chatting to asian chicks, as soon as my mate told them he was american it was all over for me. and this was just after iraq too.

the only people i've seen openly hassle americans were canadians. i guess they've got to get their self esteem somewhere.

Paul said...

I assume as you are American that you don't believe these sneers and hostile reactions to you are not actually a result of the stupid foreign policy games your country has been spreading in the last 20 years or so. As for being stupid I think the average Russian is far more intelligent than the average redneck from Texas or any other state for that matter .
For me the popularity of the "I didn't vote for George Bush" logo on tee shirts sums it up . Your country spent a lot of time being the leading economy and power in the world and you managed to completely fuck up on youe self imposed position of dominance. You sold arms and technology to groups of post stone age hill tribes in Afghanistan to use against the "great Threat" and now they are being used against you -- so who is the enemy now ??