Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Dark Olive Garden of The Soul

Excerpt from instant messenger conversation with old college friend:

11:36pm Petits Choux

how's the food?

11:37pm English Teacher X

in Moscow? or in Russia?

11:38pm Petits Choux

where you are, in general.

11:38pm English Teacher X

pretty awful, although there's good local fresh produce

restaurants are divided between bad pizza places and sushi restaurants that aren't too bad

not too much fast food yet, surprisingly

this is a popular place -- sort of a Russian version of the Olive Garden

11:40pm Petits Choux

your hangout?

11:40pm English Teacher X

The same company runs a chain sushi place, the Russian TGIFridays, and a Starbucks knock off.

Cheerful, eh?

11:40pm Petits Choux

do you drink lots of tea?

11:41pm English Teacher X

sadly, yeah, it's got some of the cheaper beer prices in town

i do, actually, now

but mostly green

and camomille in the evening to sooth my shattered soul

11:42pm Petits Choux

you need a little sugar in your bowl...

11:42pm English Teacher X

i need a lot of things, baby

mainly, some inspiration

11:43pm Petits Choux

are you interested in marriage, kids etc?

11:43pm English Teacher X

why I was making out with two 20 year old girls in a sauna the other morning, and I was hardly even aroused by it. . .

well to have marriage and kids, first you need somebody you want to marry

i've pretty much decided Russians are out of the question for that

11:44pm Petits Choux

definitely sounds like burnout...

11:45pm English Teacher X

of course, it wasn't like I was made unhappy by it, it just wasn't any more fun then watching THE SHIELD

and then of course the age thing is getting to be a problem, I get older and older and the 20 year olds stay the same.

11:46pm Petits Choux

you're approaching dirty old mandom..

11:46pm English Teacher X

i think I've only gone out with two girls more than 30 in my entire life. . .

11:47pm Petits Choux

when you were in high school?

11:48pm English Teacher X

my life is so immature I have nothing in common with older women

student life, now that I can dig.

11:49pm Petits Choux

well, I guess the green tea will keep you young so what the hell..

11:50pm English Teacher X

kind of stopped drinking vodka and absinthe, too

after an event in which I tried to choke one of my colleagues into unconsciousness. . .

a good start, right?

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