Friday, January 16, 2009

Fucked Again

Blah blah blah, lead-up lead-up lead-up, pithy observation, sardonic generalization, blah blah blah --

Punch line:

So I got back to Russia and discovered, as I walked to passport control, that the number on my passport no longer matched the number on my visa.

You see, I'd gotten my passport renewed, and just sort of assumed that the number on it would be the same. As, apparently, did my school.

So I was stuck on the first plane back to Frankfurt (and charged $900 for the pleasure.) I spent four nights there getting it all straightened out, paying 60 Euros a night for a hotel, and then spent $650 getting a flight back here.

Also fucked: the exchange rate, which is now 32 rubles to the dollar. In terms of dollar savings, my salary is now worth about 30 percent less than it was.

I really feel a sense of impending doom. But I suppose I'm not the only one.



It could have been worse, brother X. I knew a clueless canuck who went home for the holidays on a single entry E-2 working. Gets to immigration and promptly has his visa cancelled and replaced with a tourist visa, in effect taking him out of teaching a month, and costing him a month's pay plus travel and visa costs to get a new one. Clueless dude ended the head of the teachers at the hogwon. This Korea.
30% across the board devaluations of local currencies across Asia as well.

dithers said...

dood, this is one of the best blogs i have ever read. kinda makes me want to have a blog too. i'll be reading. cheers then, from viet nam.