Monday, January 26, 2009

That Whole Man / Woman Thing

I was just looking through the archives of the blog run by Harry Hutton, another itinerant English teacher abroad -- Chase Me Ladies, I'm In The Cavalry.

Recommended. Anyway, he made a short post about how more or less difficult it is to meet women in different countries:

Russia is also amazing for what women will put up with. The gulf between the women there -stunning, often highly cultured- and the men -complete slobs- is astonishing. Any man who chews with his mouth closed and doesn't gob in the streets will stand out like a fur coat on a pig.

The trouble, of course, being that those guys who spit in the street and chew with their mouths open often have a lot of money. English teachers chew with their mouths open and don't have a red cent, most of the time.

Some Russians amusing themselves. (Not safe for work, unless you happen to work in a retail pornography shop of some kind.) Look at that dopey little dork those two luscious babes are with. Wonder what his secret is? Hard currency, probably.

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