Saturday, March 21, 2009

Battle of The Russian Paris Hiltons

Regarding my last post, just to show you the priorities of my students:

Absolutely none of them had heard of "Putin's Pin-Up Girl" -- my students are far more interested in SEX IN THE CITY re-runs than poiltics.

A couple of guys had heard of the arms dealer, Viktor Bout.

Some of the female students expressed dismay that some girl who lived in America and had American citizenship could be considered the Russian Paris Hilton -- in Russia, that title is already claimed by one Kseniya Sobchak.

(I crap myself laughing when Wikipedia notes that "Kseniya Sobchak acted in the 2004 film THIEVES AND PROSTITUTES, a true story of her childhood.")

One of the girls in administration pointed out that Anisimova has more money than Kseniya Sobchak, so she might have a legitimate claim on the title. (In fact I think she might have more money than Paris Hilton, as Grandad Hilton has pledged 97 percent of his estate to charity now. The implications are staggering.)

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