Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretty Maids All In A Row

"A man with no trace of the feminine in him, with no duality at all, is a man without tenderness, sympathy, gentleness, kindness, responsiveness. He is brute-mean, a hammer, a fist. McGee, what is a woman with no trace of the masculine in her makeup?"
"Mmm. Merciless in a different way?"
"You show promise, McGee. The empathy of kindness is a result of the duality, not of the feminine trace."

"Why don't you just cut your dick off? Free your mind entirely?" -- Farrah the prostitute on Season 7, Episode 9 of THE SHIELD

Don't know exactly what this was, some kind of student festival, related to graduation. (Made with my cell phone video, I know it's shitty quality.)

I think they were high school students, despite many of them looking like 30-year-old prostitutes.


stevie austin said...

the marriage agencies now send them pre-packed? Russia's new army.

Janice said...

Whats that new header illustration of you looking very gay and staring pensively, a watercolor?!

C'mon man! More inebriated stick figures and Russian boobs! Unless of course, your gradually and publically emasculating yourself in preparation for the great year of celibacy in Saudi;) if you do a camel we don't want to hear about it...

You should be ramping it up to allay the rising tide of suspicion in your readership of your dropping testosterone levels. More boobs! More Ass! And the return of dangerous drug use! If I dont see a stick figure with a fresh nod groping an underage female stick figure in the next two weeks, and at least one real nipple(yes I know I can see it anywhere but its just funny), Im calling it quits...

Paul said...

HOw many times have you been on the embankment on Last Bell Day in the past eying the next "crop" of fresh tartlets?? -And now you say you are not sure what this parade was all about.Its time for you to get out as you seem to be losing both your memory and ( as Janice infers ) your libido as well!!!

English Teacher X said...

1) It's a real picture, altered with the "watercolor" effect on Photoshop

2) yes, I'm almost forty and my libido and liver are both failing; might I suggest you go out and do it yourself, rather than trying to live vicariously through my sorry ass?

3) I know it was fucking High School Graduation Day, but I have never seen students lined up marching along like that before.

4) Suck my balls.

English Teacher X said...
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Janice said...

Damn ETX, relax! I was just having some fun with you...Remember, humor? fun? Thought you could handle the give and take...Like I give a shit about your stick figures and Ruskie nipples. Maybe you should shop for some antidepressants in that pirate market of yours:) Alright, that one wasnt funny but needed to be said. Whatever...Anyway, sorry to hear about the liver and the sex drive... Not to be a dick, but I still have hope for that sense of humor of yours (like "suck my balls" see thats awesome - a little bitter and South Park, but still funny), dont kill that along with the other two things that make you interesting;)

stevie austin said...

unappreciative muthafuckas. why don't you just throw make believe money at X and yell 'dance for us monkey boy, dance".