Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now That's What I Call Brazen

Here's one of those Russian girl things that particularly annoys me:

You take a girl out on a date, buy her $30 or $40 worth of sushi and martini, and the date then ends with. . .

her calling some other guy she knows with a car to come get her.

Sometimes they're more or less subtle about it; saying that she'll go around the corner and get a car by herself -- patently false because otherwise she'd expect you to pay -- or maybe just that she has some "friends" in the area who she needs to see.

This has happened to me twice this week. As an old Russia hand it has ceased to surprise or shock me, but I still can't help but shake my head in wonderment.

Sometimes this even happens AFTER they come to your apartment and have sex with you.

Brazen, I say. Brazen.

One of my colleagues even had a girl have her new boyfriend drive her over to his house to pick up some stuff she'd left there.

I suppose, to be fair, taking taxis can be dangerous and all, and public transport too.

So can dating Russian chicks. . . got a death threat last week too. More on that in the next entry.


Burden said...

I met this Russian girl one time. She said, 'No kissing.' What is that all about?

Just because she was a whore - I mean that literally - what is wrong with a kiss?

Before you leave Russia X, or even when you're in Saudi, jot down your top-5 funny-sexual experiences in Russia. I would love to read that.

stevie austin said...

Man, get this. In the west, some girls expect a taxi fare home after sex. How brazen is that.

I'd love a girl to ring up her friend to pick her up after sex. And if she can close the door quietly on her way out, that'd be great too.

English Teacher X said...

Lots of whores have a no kissing rule. Gotta have something to do in their free time, you know.

Burden said...

See, the bitch done fooled me! I met her in a big nightclub full of Russian whores, but I thought she was different.

They charged 100Euros for one fuck. Do you know what 100Euros gets you in Thailand?

N*gga please, I buy you a whole village full of hos for that kind of money, and you could keep them as long as you liked.