Thursday, July 30, 2009


God, Russian chicks and their love of photography. Ask any Russian girl (any half-way decent looking Russian girl, I should say, which I must admit, is most of them) if she has any pictures of herself, and she will almost certainly have hundreds, most in terribly unsubtle poses.

Any Russian girl returning from a holiday near a beach will probably have a few hundred shots of herself preening in a bikini; even fairly decent-minded Russian girls (which I must admit, is not many of them) will start taking off their tops and making out with other girls. A walk in the park or near the beach on any nice day will see dozens of Russian girls posturing and pouting for the camera in front of the water or the foliage.

A lot of the Russian girls I know use pictures of themselves as screensavers on their computers and telephones. I remember visiting one of my female acquaintances after she'd been having a little "girl party" and she showed me dozens of pictures of them all posing in their underwear.

"Gosh, that's what guys always like to imagine girls do at girl parties," I said. "Who would have actually thought it was true though?"

As far as sins go, however, I suppose that's not even close to being the worst one.

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