Saturday, August 01, 2009


I have to say, I'm not sure why sloth is considered a sin. I mean, if you're not doing anything, well, at least you're not doing anything bad.

I suppose it's in the line of inactivity when you should be working, etc. And that's certainly what I've been doing since I got back in January and they fucked me with that visa thing. I mean, I continue to teach my classes, but generally almost always less than twenty hours per week.

I haven't been Director of Studies for a while now. I'm working part-time, at a rate that would be equivalent to less than minimum wage in America (and now costs are fairly similar.) I ask them for as few hours as possible, and they give me maybe 12 - 15 per week. A lot of my individual students cancel; I got an impromptu three-day weekend this week because of that.

It's awesome.

Anyway, the "Seven Deadly Sins" series concludes soon with "Lust," which as you can imagine is a gruesome story indeed.


Lawrence said...

i'd write a smart reply but i cant b arsed-now get ye ta saudi; we await your public whipping with interest

Ricky said...

Sorry, haven't bothered reading what you've wrote here, I've just been reading all the content on your old site in one big session.

Have to hand it to you, you're a brilliant writer and a real inspiration for me to get back into the field. (Somehow). I'm 19, was teaching in Poland last year, but I somehow managed to fuck it up and bailed.

But anyways, just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work. I'll probably devour your blog after I've read some of the stories.

Take care,

Chris said...

Haha..See what you did ETX? Ricky wants to get back into the field now..Bad ETX..Bad..

Anyhow, I must say you seem much brighter as of late, your writings as good as it ever was, and Im happy that you seem happy..way to go man..even if your faking it for the audience:)Its ye ol' ETX. You've got fans even if we give you a hard time now and again. But you can put that melancholy watercolor of yourself being all "whats that on the horizon while I look pretty drinking a beer" picture back up of yourself. I was kidding when I razzed you about that. But whatever. You live the life that we kind of do, but kind of don't really, but kind of do wish we had..know what I mean? Actually, I think I lead a plausibly similar lifestyle with way higher bills, and 18 year old girls are becoming increasingly out of reach..Ok, they were never in reach. And 25 year old american chicks dont ever have that type of body. Ok, so maybe Rickys got the right idea..