Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Yard

So, had my first week of classes. . .

and it was fine, no big deal. Classes of thirty, but that just means you have to walk around a lot and talk louder, and I'm teaching Grammar and Writing classes, which means most of it is just watching them while they do exercises.

I will say though that walking towards the building on the first day the students were there -- I was greeted by the sight of hundreds of swarthy guys standing in the sun outside of the big institutional building in small groups smoking, all wearing identical uniforms of khaki pants and light shirts in various stages of untucked and dishevelled, most of them bearded and goateed, many wearing baseball caps and ski hats --

far from reminding me of a prep school, it looked more like the Yard at San Quentin.

But I should hastily add that I didn't get so much as an ounce of shit from any of them, they were all perfectly respectful and friendly. (I dressed up in a shirt and tie and glasses so I'd look more SuperTeacher-ish.)

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