Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

To show you where my head is at lately:

Twice this week, I've had NIGHTMARES, actually waking up shaken and in a sweat, about being back in Russia at my old job.

One of them was along the lines of having missed the plane to the Middle East and having to go back and beg for my job since I was broke, and being hired again in some capacity that I had to sit and watch classes and pretend I was a student, rather than teach them.

The other was that I went back to my apartment in Russia, which I somehow owned in the dream, and three typical Russian provincial thug-doofuses were there, in track pants, shirtless, drinking vodka and smoking, and I was trying to think of how I could possibly get rid of them and knowing it would be likely impossible.

I woke up shaken in the night and turned on the Internet and looked at all the money I now have in my bank account, and fixed some camomille tea and said, in a strangled voice, "It was only a dream . . . it was only a dream."


english student x said...

haha :) You right brain says "Russia (Vodkaberg) sucks how could I be so stupid to stay there for so long".

Timothy said...

Someone up there likes you. With your history, there you sit in the cat-bird seat. If I live on the edge, I am promptly handed a shit sandwich. Are you Teflon coated, or what?

TEFL makes me feel like a secret agent. said...

english student x is engish teacher x a good teacher or not?

I think we're all curious =)

english student x said...

If he cares, he can be really good.

English Teacher X said...

Ha! That's great, that should be written on my tombstone. "When he cared, he was really good. . ."

Anonymous said...

Wow, that had me laughing out loud:

"When he cared, he was really good..."