Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My students for the most part are an inoccuous bunch, harmless, naive and childlike young men of 18 - 25. Their lives are simple ones -- video games, sleeping, coming to class and sleeping some more.

"Teacher, when you were in America. . . I heard. . . this animal, do you eat?"

The student drew a little circle with little triangular ears and a pig nose, and then mimed pushing his own nose up like a snout.

"Yes," I said. "Many people eat this animal in America."

Murmurs of fascinated disgust and laughter rippled around the room.

"And does it taste good?" asked one student.

I thought of the six bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches that I'd eaten in the 24 hours prior to getting on the plane back to Saudi Arabia.

"Yes," I said. "It's not bad."


Petits Choux said...

Maple bacon doughnuts are a pretty hot food item these days.

Anonymous said...

what's the accommodation like where you are at?

English Teacher X said...

Nothing particularly fancy -- just sort of like an efficiency apartment on the university campus. Kind of a glorified dorm room, really.