Friday, January 08, 2010

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

Don't you miss snow?

Ah. . . maybe someday. Not at the moment. It's 22 degrees celsius (71.57 f) and sunny most days here in January and call me a unromantic but I think I prefer that to 5 feet of snow and -20 celsius (-4 farenheit) that you're likely to get in Russia at this time.

Nine years, times seven or eight months per year of snow, rain, mud, slime and cold and wind. . . equals enough.

Don't you get bored?

So far, I haven't noticed time passing slowly. There are plenty of movies to watch and books to read, if nothing else, thanks to the Internet. . .

How's that sobriety thing going?

I must say that waking up oriented and rested and without a skull-busting hangover on my days off is pretty nice.

Aren't you worried about terrorism?

Yeah, but it's all about statistics, isn't it? It's probably much more likely that I'll get run over accidentally on my bicycle. (Of course, there's a possibility that I'll get run over on my bicycle by a terrorist, I suppose.)

There hasn't been a major terrorist attack against foreigners for a couple of years here -- let's keep our fingers crossed after this moron with the diaper full of explosives from Yemen tried to blow up the plane.

(I've done body scans and I've done the usual take-off-your-belt-and-shoes thing -- give me the body scan anyday. So somebody gets to see a blurry thermal image of my cock, who cares.)

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