Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank God It's Wednesday!

Still can't get used to having the national days off be Thursday and Friday. Saying "See you Saturday" to classes that you're not meeting up with to get drunk. . . it just fails to compute.

All the new semester classes started this week -- 35 students in one, 39 in two others. That's a lot of little pubic-hair beards to keep track of. Fortunately they seem very well behaved.

The rumor floating about is that the government doubled the number of students admitted, in an attempt to head off youth unrest. (A Starbucks and a Pizza Hut were trashed one hot weekend in October. Anarchy now.)

I hear various figures floated about as to what ridiculous percentage of the population is under 25 -- anywhere from 40 to 60 percent, according to the grapevine. The CIA Factbook tells me that 38 percent of the population is between 0 - 15, and the median age in the country is a rosy-cheeked 21.5 years old.
And of course having a lot of disenfranchised youth running around, especially young men who can't get laid -- well, that's your recipe for extremism right there.

Which is where our college steps in to save the day. You're welcome.

English Teacher X -- teaching them English, so you don't have to.


Bill C said...

So they can read the instruction on the flight manuals.

Anonymous said...

forgive my ignorance, but how do the sexes get together down there to fall in love, marry and procreate?

Are the marriages arranged, or what?

If not, I would guess that the dating to marriage cycle is short and not too charming.

Lawrence said...

Have they shown you their camel fotos yet? They have some real beauties; big eyes, long eylashes, and they sure do love them.

stevie austin said...

whats that god damn photo about ? it's the same as one from the earlier post ? is it a riddle or just filler ?

Bill C said...

English Teacher X said...

Marriages are arranged by the family -- and according to the CIA factbook there are high incidences of Down's syndrome due to high rates of cousin marriage.

As for the pictures -- I didn't really think about it, but they're all pictures of Saudi beach streets as seen from the inside of abandoned buildings. Draw your own conclusions about the symbolism.

Matt _ I'm from fucking Canada said...

Well I read almost every page of your blog. Its pretty damn hilarious and sad at the same time. Your like the unattached observer who breaks the rules by getting involved and running amok. Similar to the late HST except you have this aura of not giving a shit. Despite all the warnings, I think I'll Russia a try. I already have my Rosetta Stone torrent and a pair of Adidas track pants. I hope you were exaggerating about that Visa issue.

P.S. For liver's sake I hope the middle east forced you into sobriety.