Saturday, February 27, 2010

. . . It Tolls For Thee

Article in the Moscows News about changes to Russian visa regulations which have caused "chaos" to Russian schools of English which employ native speakers:


Article in Vanity Fair about the Russian expat sex, drugs and politics newspaper the Exile, and its not-especially-untimely demise, probably as much from lack of the first two as the vagaries of the last:


So yes, if you weren't there -- you missed the party. Sorry. It's over now. Russia is expensive, snobby and full of shopping malls and chain restaurants these days.

Anyway, haven't haven't you heard that Lebanese chicks are the hot international babes of choice these days? Russian chicks, give me break, that's so 2003.

(A postscript: I once submitted some very early (2002) English Teacher X cartoons to The Exile and was told that I was "too soft and Generation X" but Mark Ames also said that I had some talent and would like to see more stuff -- I got pissed though and said I was trying to avoid the "cynical drunken expat thing" and he never replied again. Click on the page to enlarge it to a legible size.)


Darren said...

This makes me sad. I'm about to embark on a year long contract in Korea, hoping that russia will sort it self out by next year.

TEFL makes me feel like a secret agent. said...

I was hoping to move further east in the future. It makes me sad too. I'm now considering Israel...

Lawrence said...

So you sucked it dry and got out in time; not so stupid and fucked up after all are you.
The Exiled online is great; they got out in time too and are doing a wonderful job exposing the seedy US of A
This article is particularly good:
ATLAS SHRIEKED: Ayn Rand’s First Love and Mentor Was A Sadistic Serial Killer Who Dismembered Little Girls
Shame you didn't take Ames advice but its not too late...
(wtf is gen x?)

ob_elector said...

im looking at going to teach in russia, ive done the tefl stuff years ago then packed it in because it was total garbage and lessons had become drinking sessions with students. Ive realised that 'real jobs' are even less fun, esp here in the uk so im off again.

Whats the best way to get a job in russia before actually going there? or is the best way to just go there? Visa restrictions make that pretty awkward. Im stuggling to find anything out from behind a computer. Any advice would be appreciated

Janice said...


there is no incentive for Russians to give you a job before you are on their doorstep. You will be footing the cost and the risk. Its the way of the world. If you ran a hole in the wall Russian Language institute in your city, would you take a Russian seriously who claimed to want to come and teach even when he still resided in Vladivostok? Use your head.


I thought that cartoon was funny. I always thought that your writing style would have been a good match for the exile, if not the cartoons. However, it seems as if the intersection of your mutual focus has passed. You and the exile are still the only "real" reference points for Russian life/ culture that I have.

Anonymous said...

well, you must have done this a LONG time ago if you don't know about and