Wednesday, March 03, 2010

But Seriously, Folks. . .

The opening line is important in teaching, as with many of the performance arts.

My sure-fire knock-em-dead opening line here in Saudi Arabia:

"Hello, I'm (real name), your teacher. I'm American, but I also don't like George Bush."

Political! BaDUMPdum. Wait'll I give 'em the old soft shoe. . .


Anonymous said...

'That whole suicide-bomber angle ... GENIUS!'

'Really caught us napping with 9/11. One minute we're wallowing in Imperialist filth, then BOOOOM, Goood morning Vietnam. I mean, did y'all SEE them babies fall. WOO-WEE, I tell you, it was like the 4th of July.'

'Thanks, I'll be here all week.'

Anonymous said...

I saw this fine little chick in a jihab today. It was all clingy, and she was all small and shapely. She was giving me the eye man. I wanted to hitch up that black silk and get all "Abu Graib' on her fine Arabian ass.

Anonymous said...

'Abu Graib?'

'Yeah, you know, take pictures and shit. I could put them on the internet man, make some $$$$. People pay good money for Arab coochie.'

'So, do you think she was fine, under the veil?'

'She had makeup on, and her ass was THICK. And you know what they say B, don't look under the veil while you're hammering a nail!!'

Anonymous said...

Try this version of hangman: for every correct letter the plane gets closer to the twin towers and use explosion sound effects as well if they get there-they'll cream themselves it works a treat.