Thursday, May 19, 2011

Every Teacher's Fantasy

So, yeah, I made this cartoon in like 2004; does anybody even remember POLYPHONIC pop song ringtones?

And of course, now, that kind of rampant phone abuse usually doesn't happen because people don't show off with their phones much anymore; even homeless people and peasant farmers have Iphones these days.

But I'm sure plenty of teachers still fantasize about shoving phones up their students asses. Completely sure. 


Hugh said...

I teach in Korea. One day, my co-teacher had literally 30 phones on her desk. And some of them kept vibrating and ringing. But honestly for the most part in my classes, the kids don't whip out their cells that much.

TEFL SecretAgent said...

It doesn't happen often but when it does, I get incredibly pissed off by it. I know it's only something small and maybe they forgot to put it on silent or they are expecting an important call... but still...pisses me off.

T Roach said...

Telephone sodomy...'there's an app for that'.

Eve said...

This is SO fucking sexist!!!

English Teacher X said...

Well, you can shove phones up your male students' asses then.

Anonymous said...

is eve serious? I hope not.

If she is, its hilarious that a girl, who is a regular reader nonetheless, thinks that anybody gives a shit about alleged 'sexism' on this site (or in reality, anywhere that there isn't a legitimate penalty for not keeping up PC fronts).

Its also hilarious that somehow a man having a sexual thought about a woman is 'sexist'. what a sexless being poor eve must be.

Eve said...

@anonymous - are you fucking retarded?

"i'ts hilarious that a girl, who is a regular reader nonetheless, thinks that anybody gives a shit about alleged 'sexism' on this site (or in reality, anywhere that there isn't a legitimate penalty for not keeping up PC fronts)."

a girl? you are totally fucking retarded, aren't you?

allegedly? did you even read the cartoon? "Teacher, help me!" "Let's not act like it's the first time."

If that's not sexist, I don't know what is.

this is not merely a sexual thought. it's a sexist thought.

"what a sexless being poor eve must be" - Yes. That MUST be it. I must be a fucking VIRGIN to even THINK that anything on this site is sexist. After all, IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE. Especially since I'm like, a "regular reader" who, I think, has a right (as one of the few female readers) to actually say something when I think Your Highness (English Teacher X) has crossed the line.

So, @Anonymous - go fuck yourself. seriously, go fuck yourself IN THE ASS with your cell phone.

Anonymous said...

haha...look how mad the sexually stifled feminist-out-of-water got...I stand by my previous comments.

Again, no one cares about anyone else being sexist. Read one cares. Most of us read ETX because such sex, submission and other non-pc debaucherous themes (much of which are fictional cartoon fantasies) are occasionally interspersed. Its funny and its real. If you're offended, then this is not the blog for you.

Seriously, your reading the wrong blog if you care, and even further care to regulate, such things. Why do you read? There are many other less offensive blogs for you to frequent instead.

There is no line. If you dont understand why that is, then I'm not the retarded one.

Also, your wrong about it being a sexist theme in the first place. Not that Im interested in arguing this further, but I'll make my point:

I dont think that you know what being "sexist" is. You just react to any scenario where a woman is being bent over by a man (literally or figuratively) even if it were to be her choice. That's not sexism, "retard". That's just sex and submission. Even if it weren't her choice, that not sexism. It might me rape, but its not sexism.

Your lack of logic and abundance of emotion that leads you to false conclusions, as frequently occurs with most women (now THAT'S a sexist remark, fyi - just so you know), is doing you a disservice. Just read, enjoy, and stop being annoying.

And before you respond with all of your emotional "logic" as to why its a sexist theme, just remember that I could care less what you think is sexist and what is not.

English Teacher X said...

It's not sexist, it's just sadistic.

No such thing as black on black crime, there's just crime. No such thing as violence against women, or a hate crime, it's just violence

If they victim had been a man, would it have been acceptable?

Anonymous said...

ETX is sexist, but Eve makes fun of the mentally challenged. . . "retard"

Anonymous said...

Exactly. if ETX was gay, and made that comment about a man, then what type of discrimination/anti-group behavior would it be?

The answer would be none. The sex / race of the person in the subservient position is completely irrelevant to the fantasy (other than as it's relevant to ETX's personal sexual preference - which is incidental).

You can substitute other groups into the subservient position and the charge of "-ism", whatever it would be, wouldn't hold water. If ETX liked men, and fantasized about bending a man over, then that would clearly not be anti-gay, suppressive of male gays, or discriminatory of gays or of men.

When such a logical proof is applied, and the logic of the "sexism" remark is disproved, Eve's complaining just comes off as that of another little girl who read some superficial feminist literature and learned to yell "sexism" whenever she feels threatened by a male who isn't docile in his thoughts or actions (this instance) or who otherwise threatens her interests (perhaps at work).

Meanwhile, all other things being equa, and assuming that she's heterosexual, she'd most readily fuck the same type of guy who she'd label as "sexist" and who doesn't look for her approval rather than the guy whose behavior that she outwardly approves of. That last piece of psychoanalysis is on the house.

Eve, your logic is bad and you can't argue as was previously illustrated by your copious use of ad-hominem attacks.

Again, my suggestion is to enjoy the blog, don't make lame accusations that are antithetical to the vibe and the nature of the blog since it started (long before you started reading - I'm sure), and lighten up.

Eve said...

@Anonymous - I stand by my original statement. The cartoon is sexist. YOU obviously don't know what "sexist" means. Thus, I must also stand by my observation that you're fucking retarded. Since you don't care what I think, then WHY the fuck did you comment on my comment? Nevermind, don't answer that: you're a retard and I try not to talk to retards.

@English Teacher X - look at your language! if the "victim" had been a man. So then you agree that the cartoon paints the female student as a victim?

If the victim in this cartoon had been a man, then, NO, it would not have been sexist. But you would have also had to write something that would have made the scene seem less like a rape. ""Teacher, help me!" "Let's not act like it's the first time."

English Teacher X said...

Rape is a crime of violence, not of sex, as we all know.

And anyone it's just a fantasy, as we see. No phones really got shoved up any asses.

Eve said...

@English Teacher X - I really hate some of your anonymous commentators. I almost NEVER take the bait from them because of stupid shit like this.

You yourself make some interesting points: is it sexist if it's merely a thought, not an action? is the rape of a woman not a sexual/sexist act, but a simply violent act? These are interesting questions; while I would tend to disagree, I just refuse to engage in pissing matches with fellow bloggers, especially the ones I follow, out of respect for the blogger. I don't like it when people attack me on my blog and so I refrain from doing it on other people's blogs.

But I just do not understand why every time I open my mouth on this blog with anything but glowing praise, retarded anonymous male commentators (ALWAYS anonymous, fucking cowards) start insulting me, making stupid-ass assumptions about me, and so forth.

I'm a long-time reader. A long-time female reader. I would never continue reading this blog, commenting, etc., if I thought the blog in its entirety was a woman-hating, sexist, misogynist piece of shit.

Alas, women who speak up and voice opinions tend to get shouted down by tiny-brained, retarded men who just do not fucking get it.

PS - I stand by what I said: it's sexist. Yes, it was just a fantasy scene. and a freaking cartoon. on a blog i happen to like. which is why I didn't start screaming in an essay about it, and start an "I Hate English Teacher X" fan club.

I seriously regret getting sucked into this pointless bullshit with a faceless, dickless anonymous commentator. Gonna try to go back to what I used to do and ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the comic was missed by a few readers. But, let me guess, probably have that annoyingly catchy polyphonic ringtone from the movie "Bumer" stuck in your head for all eternity, right? If so, you're not the only one.