Monday, January 09, 2012

2011: The Year in Review


Things I did in 2011:
 -Visited the UAE twice and Barcelona, Spain once for holidays

- Spent one month back in Vodkaberg and one month in America

- Self-published three books

- Brought the light of knowledge into the world, (as usual,) here in the Kingdom, hopefully stopping our young students from turning to extremism or drift racing

- Learned how to use a handgun defensively and to draw and fire at center-mass at seven-ten feet away

-Learned about the basics of edible and medicinal plants (although the only edible plant I have so far mastered is the dandelion)

- Saved an amount of money I can comfortably describe as "a buttload."

- Continued my YouTube studies, and can claim intermediate proficiency with the Kata Dante, also known as the Ninja Dance of Death:

- And finally started to become comfortable with the idea that I have a girlfriend.

So what do you think, good year?


brian said...


You may have already said this, but where did you take your survival training?

English Teacher X said...

well, it was in America. drop me an email and I'll send you the name of the place.

Anonymous said...

Is the UAE a legitimately good place for a vacation, or just a nearby place that's better than Saudi?

English Teacher X said...

the UAE is okay; it's not Bangkok or anything, but it's okay. There are decent beaches, cheap Lebanese and Chinese restaurants, malls full of the usual crap, hotel bars full of whores, Russian females tourists, etc.

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