Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hands Across TEFL

You know -- lest you think I was joking about sending out free books to the needy -- here's this week's winning entrant:

Hey Mr. X,

I'm an English teacher in Pecs, Hungary. I'm about negative 10% at the end of the month, but that's because of the drinking. I think if I didn't go out at all, I'd be saving 10% on top of bills. The salary here is about 450 USD a month. Rent is half that. Anyway, its home until next school year. I'd appreciate any copies of your books. I always enjoy your blog. If i quit teaching and get a real job, I'll buy them all :)


I feel your pain man. I hope for that tiny salary at least you're having an awesome time and hooking up with loads of Hungarian porn stars.

You didn't say what format you wanted them in; I attached them at word documents. If you would prefer to download them in another format, let me know and I'll send you a coupon to get them free at Smashwords.

Oh -- by way of repayment -- you can give me a review on Amazon (good or bad) or if you could throw a link or review of the books somewhere like you will contribute to the good fortune and continuing operation of the English Teacher X self-publishing empire.

And don't forget about my burgeoning YouTube channel:


Anonymous said...

What a dumb shit. Working for $450 a month and the school doesn't even pick up his rent. Another great example of why the west is deteriorating and the start of developing countries exploiting western workers from developed countries.

Just one more reason why I distance myself from dumbass TEFL teachers working for bullshit TEFL schools....

English Teacher X said...

I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted a comment another anonymous poster left on here:

Dear Mr Teacher from Pecs,

Either you have the shittiest deal in the country as an english teacher, or you're full of shit. Unless you work 5h a week and complain about it. In Budapest (which is no Pecs) you can make 450$ a month by working 12 or 16 hours a month, hardly a reason to complain.
Anyway, good on you for getting a free book. But if you weren't lying about how much you earn every month, I would suggest you find yourself another deal.

Mr. Pecs said...

Wow, what arrogant gumption!

Well I work at a public school and have an entry level public salary which is 96,400 HUF per month after taxes. This is the same salary a Hungarian teacher gets as well as the native Lektors(Me) that work in the public school system. It is a little more in BP. I did have a free flat but it was a black mold infested former classroom inside the school. After a few months of being sick all the time, I finally got out.

I'm lucky if my school has a printer that works, dry erase markers, or paper. 40 teachers share 2 computers, which is not a problem as most of them are old school and rarely use them. I have no book to teach from, I use my own resources. The kids have English books but they are not for my class.

I'm obviously not doing it for the money. I love my 309 students. Well, most of them anyway. I was in South Korea for that reason 2 years ago. I wasn't suckered into any low-ball scam.

And you're way off on the BP salary, unless you mean 16 hours a week. IH pays about 3000 HUF a lesson(no housing) and the cost of living is much higher, obviously.

Mr. X, Thanks for the books and I'll leave reviews on Amazon, etc.


Teacher from Pecs

English Teacher X said...

See there! Bringing the light of knowledge into the world! Now -- any Hungarian porn stars involved in this?

Mr. Pecs said...

Porn Stars, no. I've found Hungary to be pretty conservative outside of Budapest. A string of early 20's university girls and former students with dreams of travel, yup.

I do have a sex date with a dental student today at the library. Its Finals month. Its not so spontaneous, as we're getting into the relationship zone.

The language barrier is also a big problem if you don't speak a little Hungarian.

Hmm, I should of said Palinkaberg instead of Pecs. /shrug

Anonymous said...

Exchanges like this are why this is one of fave websites ever, and I go way the flip back. X, you're right up there with the live feed from Jennicam. Anyway, as an educational admin, I commend your efforts to educate the youth of the world. Looking forward to the fate of the kitten!

Anonymous said...

I did mean a month.

1 lesson = 5000huf = 20eur

400e/20 = 20 lessons (a month)

Anyway, if you're happy, good for you. I'm happy with my deal.

Anonymous said...

I've been coming to this site for at least 4-5 years, it's not as interesting as it was when X lived in Vodkaberg but his life is probably a lot better now so I understand that.

I've been a teacher in Germany for almost 9 years. It's easier to get work when you have work and it's hard to get it if you don't, like getting chicks. Right now, if you include private lessons also, I have about 12 jobs. It's plenty to live on and travel but not enough to impress german women who are not easily impressed anyway.

I wish I didn't have to teach at a company at 8am tomorrow morning but I haven't taught for 3+ weeks because of Xmas and so, gotta suck it up!

I also bought the speaking exercises book, not sure if I'll use it but felt it was at least time to pitch in a bit for the website since I've enjoyed reading it so much over the years. Made me really glad to be teaching in Germany and also wish I could meet some Russian girls, but that was back in 2006-7 when the first German girlfriend I had had left me for some dude. But you know what, she's still with that guy 4 years later and I'm glad she left me now, this is a college town and at 37 I'm still able to float with those in their early to mid-20s, at least for a couple of more years. We'll see what happens then.

yo yo yo from D-land

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