Monday, January 02, 2012

Speaking Activities in Dead Tree Format

SPEAKING ACTIVITIES THAT DON'T SUCK now available as a dead-tree book!

Buy it here as a paperback at Createspace

Buy it now as a paperback book or for the Kindle at

Buy it here as an ebook for your Apple device on itunes

Buy it here in all the other ebook formats at Smashwords

And if you're an English teacher, email me at, and I'll probably be moved enough by your poverty to send you a free copy.


Anonymous said...

What's the music that you generally use in your videos?

Not that I'm aching to run out and get it, but it's not bad and I'm curious.


English Teacher X said...

it's just non-coyprighted free music that YouTube offers; most of the stuff I use seems to come from

Rosie Heindel-Mellinger said...

I just finished the book and found it entertaining and helpful! I also like that you threw out stuff that actually matches with research in the field... like reading out load is a PRONUNCIATION activity. I tried the dice question thing last Friday as a warm-up before we got to our game, but my students thought that WAS the game and didn't want to stop, so I just let them have at it the whole class. (I have really Geeky Korean elementary students!)

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