Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alpha or Omega?

And now for a quick game of ALPHA OR OMEGA!

This week's contestants: fictional characters John J. Rambo, from the RAMBO series of films, and George Baily, from the film IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Our first contestant: John J. Rambo, from the films FIRST BLOOD, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART 2, RAMBO III, and just RAMBO.

John J. Rambo -- Disgruntled homeless unemployed PTSD-plagued psychotic Vietnam vet. Kills anybody that messes with him, but tends to wuss out when it comes to killing the Washington bureaucrats who cause the messes in the first place. No indication he has sex, although the one Vietnamese girl he picks up gets blown up before he has much of a chance.

Fought on the Taliban's team during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. "May God deliver us from the vengeance of the Afghan" indeed. Last seen in Thailand, working at a snake show, having flashbacks and, by the looks of it, abusing HGH and steroids more than most Thai lady boys.

Verdict - OMEGA

George Bailey -- Sacrifices dream of seeing the world to stay and run the family business. Proves to be pillar of his community and loved by all. Probably never banged anybody except his wife, played by Donna Reed. When he has personal problems and gets depressed, not only do all the people in town rush to help, the FORCES OF HEAVEN array behind him to remedy things.

His mere presence is enough to stop the town sliding into hopelessness and depravity; yet he's merciful enough not to slap Uncle Billy for losing the money, or knock Old Man Potter out of his wheelchair. Did I mention he probably never banged anybody except for his wife DONNA REED!

Verdict - TRUE ALPHA!


Tim said...

If a young Donna Reed was my wife, I wouldn't feel the need to bang anyone else either.

Tim said...

BTW, read up on Jimmy Stewart. The real life actor was even more of a true alpha than any of the characters he played.

Anonymous said...

Hi English Teacher X

I like your blog and have been reading it off and on lately. While I agree with your alpha-omega game results here I'd like to point out that a man (alpha or omega) is only a product of his epoch. You won't find Jimmy Stewart type alphas in post-hippie, flower power, make love not war generations. The reason being very obvious. There's no point (read: incentive) in being Jimmy Stewart kind of alpha.

Please point out one Jimmy S. style alpha in post-rambo generations (on or off-screen).

English Teacher X said...

don't worry, I will -- series will be continuing.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to learn the meaning of "alpha" and "omega", not to mention "beta", you should check out the "Roosh Forum", aka; "Lord of the Flies Forum"

If you are feeling particularly jaded and feel the need to vent, you can do so and make new friends (as long as you agree with them) and learn to speak a new language with trendy/hip'isms like:

Mad - as in cool
Fly - as in hot (girl)
Swoop - pick up/get laid
Stacks - cash
Rocks - wears/carrys
Spitting - talking
Player - guy who chases poon
Dimes - highest rating for a chica
Sets - groups of women?
Approaches - refreshingly obvious
Blue pill - opposite of Red pill
Alpha - young player who stays in hostels, rocks stacks (probably due to savings from hostel) and swoops fly chicks while spitting mad game. Specialized in cold night approaches with mixed sets.
Omega - probably a watch your father owned
Beta - anyone who is not an Alpha. Obama is probably a Beta

Bonus: you will discover more acronyms than the military uses; DTF, DHV, SNL, the list goes on.

English Teacher X said...

Ah to be young again. I wore a flannel shirt and had a pony tail, I suppose I shouldn't criticize.

Anonymous said...

yeah, they really misappropriated the word "alpha" when there was already the perfectly fine word "letcher" to describe the PUA type.

Anonymous said...

This A|O labeling game makes no sense. People have three lives, public, private and secret. Rambo publicly appears to be macho, tough and patriotic. In private, he likes to read books about powerful people through envy. Here is the kicker, he secretly he wants to be fucked in the ass while dressed up like a woman, wig and all, by a man playing the role of a powerful politician.

George Bailey on the other hand appears in public as the meek guy who wants justice for all. Privately he invests in companies that extract resources from Banana Republics. Secretly, he admires Potter for his wealth and power. He concludes that if he was Potter he would use the wealth and power to attain women, booze and kinky sex with Asian women. Because of the above, I never take anyone at face value, because all you get there is the public version of, "The story of me."

Man is a god of shadows.

I get a kick out of ROOSH V. These guys are serious losers. I think a lot of his following are in the closet big time, including ROOSH V himself. I remember that many of the overt player types I knew in HS were gay or latent gay. Notice all the allure of wanting to fuck women in the ass these days. Sure, ass fuck desire has been around for the ages, but these days it seems to be a mania. Just sayin.

English Teacher X said...

Well, I won't conjecture regarding latent homosexuality; I will say that many of them seem only to want to get laid in order to impress other guys, though. "God of Shadows" indeed.

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to marry the Russian girlfriend and become one of these responsible boring alpha males yourself X?

I agree with Tim about Jimmy Stewart in real life. He served as a bomber group commander in WWII and led missions over Germany. At the same time reigning Hollywood macho man Errol Flynn was rejected by all the armed services for health reasons and ended up on trial for statutory rape of skanky white jailbait teens. 'Nuff said.