Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vodkaberg Field Guide

Somebody left a comment requesting pictures of the girls (and guys) from VODKABERG. I think if you go back over the last ten years of the blog, you'd see a lot of them, although usually just closeups of their legs or cleavage.

Anyway, here's a handy and yet completely anonymous field guide.

Almond Eyes

Dark Angel
Little Valya and ETX and the lovely Russian countryside

Pterodactyl Girl
Breasty Alyssa
Nipples (left) and Friend
Insane Bisexual
Slappy, Brunetka, African Student
English Teacher X and Ballroom Dancer
Drunk Georgian Girl (Left) and Friend

Kazakhstan Girl

Natasha Nevada
Crazy Angel during a blonde phase

The commenter also asked what became of these girls; in fact I'm still in contact with most of them, through Facebook and such. I saw several of them when I was in Russia in summer of 2011 and 2010. Staying on good terms with girls I know has always been one of my super-powers.

(Dark Angel and Crazy Angel being the two who I'm not in touch with, and I think both of them would cross the street to avoid me if they saw me. )

Most of them are married, in various degrees of happily and unhappily, except the Goose and Slappy's Wife, who are strippers in Atlantic City now, and Little Valya, who I think is still waiting to marry Vladimir Putin.

But they're all keeping on with the keeping on. You can't keep a good Russian girl down. Or a bad Russian girl.

Ah, time, she truly is a river. And it's been far too long since I got laid, I'll tell you that for free.

Read about all of the above, and more, in VODKABERG, available as a paperback or an ebook.


Pete said...

Nice one. Vodkaberg was so good that I removed the DRM and emailed it to all my friends!

Only focking with you -- I told them to buy it. Sure it only costs around €3.60.

English Teacher X said...

Give it away free, but tell 'em to leave a good review on Amazon or a link somewhere.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

ETX, you are the best !
Amazing how the internet changed everything. Reading a book and sending a request for the author and a couple of days later he posts the pictures.
I am recommending the book for everyone. You could tell your Muslim students you have already been to their paradise with 20 virgins (ok, maybe not virgins). Almod Eyes is absolutely hot. And I would never expect Pterodactyl Girl to be so cute, with that perfect hair. The difficult part must have been how to break up with them. Poor RooshV, you totally beat him by far.

When you want to stop suffering in Dubai, come teach English in Brazil. Nice weather, friendly people, places to see, many business people in Sao Paulo and Rio. You may want to settle down here with your wife. Contact me if you need any tips.

LostGringo said...

Be sure to bring you wallet and your father's wallet with you to Brazil.........

The next big thing in Brazil will be "boutique tourist apartments" favelas.

English Teacher X said...

yeah, it's funny, isn't it? America's like the cheapest place in the world to live now. Concordant with it's enormous debt, I suppose.

LostGringo said...

Who'd have thought that Uncle Sam's land-0-plenty would become dirt cheap?

Sad about South America though. Budapest cheaper than Lima. Madrid cheaper than Santiago, Paris cheaper than Rio. Far better quality of life/cost ratio in Europa now; housing, good food/wine, air travel, consumer goods, etc.

Anonymous said...

I just finished Vodkaberg today, and so this is awesome. In general, the girls are less blonde but at the same time hotter, for the most part, than I had envisioned.

As far as the book goes, congratulations. It was a really good piece of writing. The Bukowski influence was evident and, dare I feed the ETX ego, I had a much better time reading your book than I did its doppelganger 'Girls'. While it created a similar hazy, drunken, sex laden, meandering setting and vignette style, it also actually went somewhere, in contrast with Girls, and the reader felt as if all of that was necessary to feel what you felt upon your Viking death and departure from Vodkaberg.

Btw, is America really the cheapest in the world (taking all first and second world countries into account)? How is it cheaper than it was? I find that hard to believe. It's an effing grind here. At least if you want a modicum of health insurance and a decent place to stay. The 'cheap' locations are also the places with no jobs, with only a couple of exceptions. I live near a large city, but not one of the three largest, and its more expensive than many large cities in Western and Central Europe.

English Teacher X said...

it's not that america or europe has become cheaper, it's just that the tremendous inflation and price increases in other countries has been extremely abrupt. for example, in Russia and eastern europe, prices have gone up at least 500 percent in the last ten years, probably more, wheras prices have gone down quite a bit (housing and gas, anyway) in America.

English Teacher X said...

Of course in America it's health care, and insurance, that's the real motherfucker. I'm brilliantly beating the system by doing without it.