Friday, February 15, 2013

Disgusting Barroom Conversation: Sodomy

Here's a disgusting bar-room conversation that took place back in 1999 in Thailand, during my second stint there. I just thought of this the other day for some reason. The Fat Hip English Chick was a new arrival, and had not yet become accustomed to our style of discourse.

One teacher had just returned from a dirty weekend in Pattaya ...


See, we were a very equal-opportunity bunch of degenerates; no matter the race, creed, or sexual orientation, everyone was treated with the same ball-busting, and expected to respond in kind.

(Does it read correctly in the last panel, that we're spitting beer all over the place while laughing? Kind of hard to render that.)

The gay teacher in this cartoon was one of a pair of guys I worked with at this time; they were both from London and I was really fond of them. They were in their 40s at that time and had lived through the Swinging 60s and the punk years of the 70s; they had a lot of stories. One of them had had sex with Billy Idol.

Anyway, they sold a house one guy inherited and came to Thailand in the 80s to keep the party going and even, they originally told me, with the intention of drinking themselves to death in a blaze of glory. (They'd seem to have given up on that plan, though, fortunately.)

Man, I wonder if they're still alive? One guy had gone back to London in the late 90s, I knew that. But they're hardly the kind of guys that Facebook.

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brian said...

X, you missed your calling. You'd have been excellent at designing and writing greeting cards.