Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time for the Big Halloween Giveaway!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls!

For your sins, here is a new edition of HOW TO SURVIVE LIVING ABROAD, with five contributions from readers and bloggers about the dark side of life abroad, FREE ON SMASHWORDS  and 99 CENTS ON AMAZON. A great entry point to the bleak world of ETX, if you haven't read it.

And then I offer you this particularly Halloween-y treat, from one of the other facets of my multi-headed e-book empire:

WRATH OF THE PUMPKIN GOD by Arvin Stevens, now also available FREE on Amazon.

"Halloween. October 31st, 1986: A hideous evil is lurking in America's heartland... and the Paranormal Activities Control Squad is powerless to stop it. 

It started as a simple mission: investigate a war between a werewolf biker gang and a cult of voodoo zombie drug dealers. Child's play for the rough-and-tumble psychics and hardcases from the PAC Squad. 

But when several members of the PAC Squad find themselves captives of a crazed zealot, an ancient and unstoppable monstrosity, a true Halloween terror, is unleashed upon the parched earth... and even telekinesis and high-explosive rounds might not be able to stop it. 

This is #7 in the electrifyingly satirical and ludicrous adventures of the PAC Squad. Look for other stories on Amazon."

As mentioned, in the early 90s, English Teacher Q and I (in between bouts of massive amounts of LSD and alcohol abuse) wrote this series of stories about a group of bungling government agents who battled paranormal menaces. (Imagine SOUTH PARK or TEAM AMERICA mixed with X-FILES and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, although it was a bit before any of that stuff came out. We were a big fan of 70s / 80s numbered action novels like THE DEATH MERCHANT, REMO WILLIAMS and so forth, and those were big influences. The first book of the REMO WILLIAMS series is also free as an ebook on Amazon. More free stuff, and you didn't even have to say Trick or Treat.)

This is # 7 in the PAC Squad series, but they don't particularly need to be read in order, and in fact I haven't even posted all the numbers in the series. Part of my intensely "meta" in-joke.

This was our pumpkin last year when I was in America.
So Happy Halloween! I'm going to Dubai for the weekend to spend Halloween with Crazy Bob and Chuck and maybe I'll get some pictures of sexy Lebanese babes in cat costumes or whatever.

And when I get back, I will reveal the OTHER head of my e-book empire and its sudden tremendous rise ... and recent terrible terrible fall.

Finally, thanks to YouTube, home of the freebie, I offer you some fun Halloween viewing.

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