Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snarky One Liners in the Office

A little slice-of-life for you.

See, in the office I share with ten guys, we've only got one official company computer connected to the company Intranet, so as we all arrive for the shift, one guy tends to read out important announcements to stop people having to check their email immediately. I also tend to stand there and make snarky comments about the announcements.

I could also add that that's kind of the weird thing about working for a gigantic multi-national company (as opposed to a shitty franchise chain language school): we're constantly being relieved of our teaching duties to do things like seminars, conferences, safety training, and e-learning courses (on the company Intranet) which are often completely unrelated to teaching.

(Of course that would be a reference to THIS)

But to be honest, I didn't end up watching IRON MAN 3. I ended up marathoning season 3 of ARCHER. Full day's pay for that. English teaching is still a joke, but I guess still an awesome job for lazy people.

NEXT WEEK: English Teacher X and a Big-Breasted Whore vs. The Ghost of Angeles City


Anonymous said...

I thought your digs there actually looked pretty nice. Mind on your money, ETX. Hang in there.

Sam said...

It's hard to believe that they actually care about training you on all of these superfluous extras. I'd guess that they're attempting to ape what they believe western style corporate professionalism to be. Ironically, they seem to be hitting the inefficiency nail on the head.