Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear X

Having just returned to my squalid grubby trailer residence in the bleak industrial zone in the Middle East, I'll take a moment and sit down and catch up on my correspondence.

Dear X,

What are your thoughts on the Ukrainian revolution, in regards to how the women will view/react to westeran/US men in the future? Do you think the political turmoil will cause the women to change?

I ask because I've heard many wonderful things about women in the Ukraine...and if the window is fast closing, I want to experience it before it's too late.

Signed, Curious

Dear Curious:

I don't know for sure but I'm guessing in the short term there will be a LOT of girls looking for husbands and to go West. Riots aside, this might be a great time to go there.

Signed, X

Dear X,

What are your thoughts on the situation over there in Russia? I would like to hear what you think as I've never been to Russia and know very little of it. My only contact with Russian people has been with ones living in the US or Germany.

Signed, Commie Lover

Dear Commie Lover,

It doesn't surprise me that Vladimir Putin would eventually start showing his dick to NATO; they have a lot of economic power now as well as nuclear weapons. Everywhere I go it seems most of the tourists are Russian these days.

Check out this article on CNN about why Europe isn't likely to go along with sanctions.

Signed, X

Dear X,

I've been working on my eCommerce business to try to get my income up a bit before my trip to Europe. I'm planning on starting in Budapest and making my way to Poland. Any experience out there at all? I don't know if it exists but if a place like early 2000's Russia still exists in the world, I would love to go.

Signed, Restless Spirit

Dear Restless Spirit,

Well in Europe, I imagine that Belarus is pretty close. Romania and Moldova, maybe. Just places you never hear people talking about, that'd be the main thing. When I first told people I was going to Russia everybody was like "Are you crazy? You'll get killed!" So anyplace that anybody tells you not to go because you'll get killed.

Signed, X

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