Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The 40-Hour Work Week

My latest book drops today, and it's a bit of a change of pace, in keeping with my new profession:

Are you tired of spending all your time futzing around with affiliate links and search engine optimization? Pretty exhausted with trying to monetize everything you do, thus reducing every fun hobby you have to a tedious grind? Fed up with weekends spent in front of the computer hacking away for pennies at another boring anti-feminist rant or e-book about how you shouldn't eat carbs? Weary of optimization, synergy, and metrics?

There is another way! 

What if I told you that you could work only 40 hours in a week, often doing nothing more stressful than sitting in front of a computer in an air-conditioned office doing routine tasks, for only 8 hours a day? WITH WEEKENDS FREE? AND with one or even TWO weeks of COMPLETELY PAID HOLIDAY per year? And if you work more hours, you can even get PAID MORE??

That's right. You could get an actual job.

Many fields such as accounting and IT offer salaries of UPWARDS OF $50,000 per year. OFTEN WITH HEALTH INSURANCE!

And you will NEVER have to spend time trying to think of income streams! YOUR BOSS WILL DO THAT FOR YOU! 

What's more, with careful management of your money and regular Social Security payments, YOU COULD RETIRE AT AGE 65 AND NEVER WORK AGAIN!

The dream is within your grasp. Dare to reach for it!


Next week: Some gay ETX / Crazy Bob fan fiction that somebody sent in, and it's hot!


Anonymous said...

But... will I need a blog?

Anonymous said...

TBH I'm not sure if those things apply any more.

I worked as an accountant years ago and outsourcing hollowed out almost all the bottom to middle tier jobs.

Good software hollowed out the high middle jobs too.

englishteacherx said...

Should I go back and change it to engineer? Well, one can always become a welder at the fracking fields, until robots perfect that task.

Anonymous said...

TBH most people won't be able to make a living at the four-hour work week shit, either, I think that's the joke.

Anonymous said...

Airline pilot. Good pay and benefits with lots of time off to let those anti-social thoughts fester into full-blown psychosis. Un-beatable opportunities to express said psychosis with maximum "impact".

englishteacherx said...

Too soon man!

Anonymous said...

Nah just the things you write about Vodkaberg are not unique to Vodkaberg and are happening everywhere.

Jobs pay less, yet demand more and with the general scarcity bosses can do whatever they want.

At will or zero hour contracts were not a thing in the UK, today they are normalised.

Even OECD figures from a study every year states that Chinese workers have more rights and protections than western workers.

Ken said...

I thought I would post this as it is relevant.

Essentially even proper teaching jobs in universities back home are being undermined. University teaching positions are essentially at will these days.