Thursday, May 21, 2015


I'm aware that this would be a really interesting part of the general narrative for me to break down into alcoholism and debauchery and whoremongering.

I don't think that's gonna happen, though.

Alcohol just doesn't seem to agree with me anymore.

It's weird. Alcohol was such a large part of my life, when I was in Russia. And before that, I liked a drink, sure, more or less in different cities and at different times, but I drank, and enjoyed it.

But then when I stopped ... well, it's not like I gave up drinking, it's like drinking gave me up.

I mean I have a beer now and then. A glass of wine. And I've occasionally met with friends to go on an all-night bender or even an all-weekend bender.

And while I enjoy parts of them, I'm also usually glad when they're over and I can sober up and start feeling human again.

The main thing I noticed is how much fucking energy your body has to use metabolizing all that shit. I mean I spent an entire week hiking in Utah with just the clothes on my back and a blanket-pack full of stuff,  and I wouldn't say that wasn't NEARLY the hard work that an all-night drinking binge back at the House of Pain nightclub in Vodkaberg used to be. I mean THAT shit took some stamina.

So it's typical, me being sort of ass-backwards to everybody else. Other people I know continue falling down holes of middle-aged alcoholism and drug abuse -- particularly prescription pills -- or struggle with sobriety, and I'm like, "Damn, being fucked up is too hard work!"

So you can take the boy out of the Middle East but obviously it's not so easy to take the Middle East out of the boy ...


Anonymous said...

The party turned for me in my mid 50’s; I thought about the really good experiences in my life and the wine only was present when I was chasing/trying to chase chicas. Make no mistake - it was well worth the costs at the time. Other than that, can’t think of one case where truly great times involved drinking. Now that I’m firmly entrenched in middle age - there’s not much of a party for people like me and the booze ain’t going to help me slay any more women because the women that respond to the boozy bad boy are all way too young for me now.

Plus, save for smoking - nothing will make you look worse than a drinking habit.

Score one for vanity I guess.

Kind of sad that there was/is no great epiphany - rather anti-climatic actually.

englishteacherx said...

Well all great truths are simple truths, eh? Maybe it's just that middle-aged parties aren't as fun.

Anonymous said...

So you can be a sober whore-monger instead! Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Anonymous said.

Love trumps sex, but sex trumps loneliness.

We all die alone and scared in the end. E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y.

生きる. Find your purpose, and f*ck everybody else. Enjoy a shot of camphor if you need it.

Or I'll be forced to take 2 shots for us both. :)

And all those middle-aged slug lurkers on here telling you about the "safest option," the "realistic choice," etc? F*ck those motherf*ckers, you are ETX! When did you ever listen to those guys? Geez.

Stay strong bro. My next Bangkok excursion, I'm gonna pour some vodka on the flo' and exhale real loud-like... and remember what you used to be. And still can be.

Peace out.

Dion McTavish said...

Alcohol doesn't tend to agree with me very well, either. Well, there's still the sex to look forward to!

englishteacherx said...

And what I still could be ... *shudder*