Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Russian HIV Test (Or: The Power of Positive Thinking)

That was back in the old days when Russia loved homosexuality. My experiences in Russia are all terribly outdated, let's remember.

That colleague was not mentioned in the book VODKABERG, or not mentioned much. He was from New Zealand and he works as a political activist now. See there?

Read more old-school Russia experiences in VODKABERG


Anonymous said...

Hey ETX you should make a repatriation tales / interview of Vernon Davies.

If you remember this:

'Half-hearted' massage row gets English teacher jailed then thrown out of China.

This absolute and complete fuck up of a human is /u/davies2014p

He spends all day posting NSFW pictures of Asian women as he can't get a job anywhere due to his ruined reputation

englishteacherx said...

how shall i find him? is he a reader?

Anonymous said...

Oh ETX you're showing your age!

/u/ means a user on reddit in this case

Uh you might want to delete these comments after you find him though.

englishteacherx said...

Yeah, Reddit is really fucking remarkable in bringing back forum thread styles that were invented in 1995. Check out this link to the Dave's ESL Cafe "message board" from 2001, which was identical to Reddit:

I suppose it's the anonymity that people like? Better to go back to mIRC.

Some Guy in Saudi said...

Absolutely it's the anonymity people like. It's also a bit more structured than the old forums/IRC channels.
Not to mention the fact that you get this massive hive mind of talented people sharing their experiences from all around about stuff.

And not to mention that, because its https, the Kingdom doesn't block and you can see the nsfw subreddits as well.

Jacob Martin said...

wait, was your female friend turned on by the fact that he was HIV negative or the fact that he bangs dudes?

englishteacherx said...

I'm gonna go ahead and say both.

Anonymous said...

I had a Russian emigre who cut my hair for several years in suburban Detroit, where there is a sizable expat population. She was 45+ and while she was still attractive by US standards, things were going south quickly in the looks department. She had a gorgeous daughter who lived in NYC who, in her words - lived off of clueless men with money. Her one piece of advice to me was, to paraphrase - "if you meet a Russian woman - run, away, fast".

Anecdotal for sure, but Jackie also had a compelling anecdote about the danger of driving in Dallas.