Saturday, January 14, 2006

Disclaimer, Blood and Vomit

My friend in LR just sent me an angry email so I offer the following disclaimer:

1) He has perfectly legitimate reasons for being polyaddicted to anti-depressants
2) He's not polyaddicted, he's polydependent
3) We had a perfectly good time sitting around playing video games and eating Taco Bell.

In fact, one of the first things that my American friends asked me when I got back here was "Did you eat a lot of Taco Bell? Yumm!" Subway sandwiches and Denny's breakfasts also have similarly high affection in my heart of hearts. As well as tater-tots. But you can get tater-tots in Russia now.

Went out last night to celebrate; last night was the "Old Russian New Year" (by the old calendar) so the House of Pain was packed, and really lived up to its nickname -- it was packed with blonde strumpets, there were at least three fights that broke out, and the bathroom was covered with blood and vomit.

I made a joke to English Teacher P about how you can judge the amount of fun you're going to have by the amount of blood in the sink in the men's toilet. "Not quite Slaughterhouse 5 tonight," I said. "More like slaughterhouse three."

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