Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Housewives and Kept Women

Another symptom of the increasing yuppie-hipster-globaldoofusization of Vodkaberg are the morning classes. A few years ago, you couldn't get people out of bed before 9:00am with a shotgun. We NEVER had morning classes. Now we are overwhelmed with 9:00am classes.

Composed of housewives.

We've always had a few of those, but now. . . every fucking class, filled with rich housewives. Some of them work in some capacity for their husbands' businesses, I suppose, but mostly they're trying to learn English so that they can better shop and order margaritas while in Cyprus or Dubai or Switzerland on holidays.

They're not all housewives, actually -- some of them are girlfriends of rich guys. Got a couple of those. That's especially puzzling to me -- why should they get up early? -- until I figured out that their rich boyfriends wanted them to study in the morning, so they'd be at home to fuck them stupid in the evening.

I suppose I shouldn't complain that these women want to fill their otherwise pointless lives by studying English.

Really, I shouldn't.

(You might wonder why I, as DOS, should have a morning class -- simple -- so that nobody could come whining to me and say, "But YOU never do morning classes!")


Anonymous said...

haha i feel for you man!
unravel your american charm to bed one of them, i would like another story involving a russian mobster and his girlfriend v etx

Jake said...

Housewives? BONANZA! You lucky bastard!

Ten best features;

1) They never ask you to get married!
2)They usually clean up after themselves
3)They give the best head jobs
4)Their gifts are usually way more expensive, and frequent
5)They rarely complain
6)It's easier to juggle 4 housewives than one 'in love' bimbo
7)Evenings are usually left free for other endeavours
8)They cum faster
9)Sex toys don't scare them
10)They can easily be persuaded to bring breakfast, lunch, and even their own deluxe condoms (you get to save bucks for heavier duty batteries)


me said...

"3)They give the best head jobs"

Next time I need to get my engine fixed I'll remember that. ;-)