Monday, July 02, 2007

Welcome Haters!

When I originally started the English Teacher X website, I was anxiously awaiting some negative publicity, because, let's face it, that's pretty much the only way something becomes really popular on the Internet, if a lot of people hate it.

I used to post fake messages criticizing the website, from "Charles Pangolin" my fictitious TEFL arch enemy. Read some of Charles' adventures on my fake message board. There was quite a funny bunch of posts resulting, when people figured out what I was doing, with some people who frequented Dave's accusing each other of being English Teacher X. . . but of course Dave erased the whole thing, this was back in like 2003.

Then I slowly exhausted all my initial energy on the subject, and barely kept up with the website. A student started paying me to do some freelance writing for him (more on that later) and I spent most of my free time doing that. That concluded recently, so I have a bit more energy to throw into writing.

And now I have three haters. I'm not quite as excited as about it as I might be, because frankly I couldn't give a damn I get any hits or not anymore, but it's still kind of cool.

1) Chastity and her blog, ESL IN TN, has made a shitty comment or two about about me, but then erased all of our attempts to comment on her blog

2) The Weasally Old English Bastard returned from whatever vodka-sodden grave he lives in the Middle East to threaten me with exposure and thought he'd dog me by revealing that I actually CRY. (You dumb fuck. I even teared up during the end of the LOST IN SPACE movie, once, but then I did have a bad hangover.)

3) Now some guy from the GAP has launched a one-man campaign against English teachers abroad. (See comments from the last two posts.)

You know, I wish I HAD made that up. It's too perfect.

But here -- I did make this up -- an English Teacher X Hate Site. Let's go nuts, baby.


Anonymous said...

Lock up your Grandma's....Gap kid is back!!!!!!!!!

I have to say X (which I have said before) that I like your site(s). It has good style and it's patently obvious you can write.

But, come on, admit it you old cock-muncher, you enjoy being looked up to by other teachers...don't you?

You love it when sad, balding, maladjusted, *** ******* freaks associate you with nailing some young, vulnerable, money-grabbing bitches...don't you?

You furiously masturbate in the mirror whilst reading comments on your site and imaging you are some kind of celebrity.

I know that band you were in SO NEARLY got that deal. You, not fucking Soud Garden or Blink 182, should have been fucking porn-stars and snorting coke off expensive meals.

And I also know how agonisigly close you were to getting that job as Correspondant for Father & Daughter Magazine.

Am I, in fact, YOU posting to YOURSELF in the vain hope of making that last stab at 'fame' before your decrepid old liver finally gives up the ghost?

Deep huh? Nearly as deep as my cock was ** **** ******** *******.

Anonymous said...

Hey Al Bundy! Clean up in aisle 9.

You Gap milk toast. What a simpleton nebbish you are.

All Hail X!

English Teacher X said...

Yes, Gap Kid, I made up ALL the other comments. . . it's just YOU and ME, baby. . . ALL ALONE HERE. . .

Say, could you get me one of those Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy discount cards? They turned me down last time I was in America -- no credit at all is worse than bad credit.

Jason said...

its funny, I have been reading this site for about a year or so and do it for enjoyment and just to see how much different teaching in russia is than southern germany. much different is the answer. I dont hate ya bro, I am just sort of checking in once a week in between getting overpaid to entertain people...

Anonymous said...

I just asked my boss X. She said mmmm mmmmm ooooo mmmm.

Next time I guess I should take the rag out of her mouth before I speak to her.

Perhaps the aligator clips on her nipples and the blow-torch on her axe-wound stop her thinking straight.

Women huh? Can't live 'em, can't have hetrosexual sex without them.