Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well . . .

A billboard here in town for Vladimir Putin's political party, Edinaya Rossia (United Russia) reads:

Победа России

Translated, that means:

Putin's Plan, Russia's Victory!

Uh. . . well that about says it all, doesn't it?


X's momma (Big Marla) said...

We told you not to go over there to Russia son.

Me and your Papa know all about the incest issues. We all still love you.

Remember X, it was ME who made you a man!!

Anonymous said...

x, why dont you just ban his wanker? I cant believe this fuckwit has not become bored yet.

gap kid said...

I insult you. I insult you. I insult you. I amuse myself with my insults.

X said...

I suck cock for money.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get it? It's X!!! playing an alter ego.

X said...

I hate myself.

I can't even look in the mirror.

I am gay.

Anonymous said...

His personality is splintering due to years of technical alcohol intake, loneliness and self abuse; he has imagined an alta ego along the lines of 'what if i had stayed in Nth Ame-rica?'
'gap kid' to try to fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw
i am also a figment of his putrid imagination
long live tefl!

X said...

I hate myself.

I self-harm every day.

I drown my sorrows in drink.

I would slit my writs, but I am too scared.


Anonymous said...

You attract an interesting collection of stalkers on this blog, X.

Keep up the good work. Most of us look forward to new posts.

X said...


Anonymous said...


Maybe its time for a change of scenery X.

Go somewhere like South America. You need to find a place where the people are a little happier