Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Asshole Part 2

This happened last summer:

We were drunkenly wandering around the embankment -- me and two or three others -- and we got a call from another teacher who was at a birthday party of one of his students.

This was a Russian lower-class birthday party -- a blanket on the grass and some plastic jugs full of beer and a couple of bottles of vodka.

As always they insisted we drink vodka, unaware of its instant Jekyl-and-Hyde effect on many of us.

Later the birthday girl made fun of my accent when speaking in Russian.

"How's my accent on this," I immediately replied in Russian. "Fuck you bitch, suck my dick, up your ass and your big cunt..." I continued in this vein until I had used every Russian obscenity I knew.

The birthday girl immediately burst into tears.

Another teacher admonished me and told me it was beyond a joke; my face was twisted with hatred while I did it. "She started it!" I whined.

That was among the first of the times I really considered leaving.


RadarKing said...

Thanks for sharing that. It certainly explains your desire for a change in your situation.

However, I'm not sure working in Saudi Arabia is the answer. Essentially, you're going to a monastery - no women, drugs, or alcohol. Sure, you'll do fine while you're there but at some point you'll be back in the real world and you'll have to deal with the same issues of promiscuity and alcohol abuse.

English Teacher X said...

yeah, but I'll be fucking rich when I leave the monastary!

- English man in Moscow - said...

I like your writing. I dont undestand are you in another country or Russia? Why did you visit Russia its a funny place. I cant imagine going to Saudi Arabia where peope are stonned or hung.